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She's Not Beautiful
She isn’t broken.
brown eyes never mixed with blonde hair,
stocky legs the boys never wanted and
So many freckles that they jumped off the
pages of her skin, sun spots
just looking for a home.
She isn’t perfect.
her teeth aren’t flawlessly straight,
nails aren’t always filed down and
Summer drinks went down smoother
than she did, the light refracting
wasn’t like her laughter
or serendipity incarnate.
Sometimes serendipity is just a word,
like timeless and intimacy and
She might have sold sea shells on the sea shore
at one point, but the sand did not make
crush-crush sounds between her toes.
Saltwater did not spray over her, recalling budding poets of
galaxies trapped in a human body, and
though she was not beautiful, she could do more than the sea did for poetry.
:iconlove-anita:Love-Anita 6 3
Friedrich Nietzsche by synchronicity313 Friedrich Nietzsche :iconsynchronicity313:synchronicity313 28 8
A lucky fly
skitters and loops
near aimlessly
onto your ceiling
where it crawls
inside and
spends its last
hour of life,
before a fluorescent
death, basking
in shameless
transforming into
a tiny sunspot
that even you
would need
a ladder
to reach.
:iconfallingasleeptonight:FallingAsleepTonight 40 42
An Infinite Moment
There is so much writing
and music on our
death, our inescapable
Both soldiers
and inmates,
we are fighting
and we deserve this.
It is not something
to dwell on,
or mourn ourselves
with cracked speech.
We are here for
each other, as
together we will
pray for rain.
:iconfallingasleeptonight:FallingAsleepTonight 39 3
The thought of death is so comforting
but not even death wants me *tear drop*
yet I don't need death
to experience hell
when hell is other people.
:icontaquise:taquise 3 1
Is There Anyone Out There?
   Mankind has long romanticized the stars.
   Glowing wonders, a reminder of the immensity of life and the universe. They're what are supposed to give us hope, the lights from afar drawing us up toward a distant shore. They're the light that guides us, pointing us home, and all such empty caloried sentiment.
   But to me, they're like everything else in life.
   They're beautiful from afar.
   They're wonderful when you make them what you want them to be.
   But when you consider what they truly are, they're as depressing as anything in the universe.
   Knowledge is loneliness.
   The closer we get to the truth that we all think we're looking for, the lonelier and lonelier life becomes.
   Consider the fact that the cluster of stars that you gaze upon in the night represents lightyears upon lightyears of dead, empty space.
   Distances so impossible to span that even the light they shed
:iconaart-ish:Aart-ish 24 14
Ignorance Is Bliss
How I envy fools
Those born without the
Eyes to see the darkness; the
Ears to hear the lies; the
Skin to feel the chafing cold; the
Sense to realize:
There's darkness all around us,
Lecherous and black.
We lead a meaningless existence.
Bitter, I turn back.
How I envy fools
Living life, never knowing
The storm on the horizon;
Her clouds fill up the skies.
They do not see the warnings,
Nor hear the gentle "sigh"
Of the wind that's brewing.
They do not feel the rain.
Their never-knowing state
Is all that keeps them sane.
How I envy fools
They know nothing of pain
Will they ever find it,
The truth that I now know?
The sky is torn with violent light
The stormy gales blow.
The tempest is upon us,
But still their eyes are blind.
The lucky fools will never know
We are all
:iconzed-of-venice:Zed-of-Venice 40 8
intimite by Alexneal intimite :iconalexneal:Alexneal 9 2 Kira in Ballet by I-Got-Shot Kira in Ballet :iconi-got-shot:I-Got-Shot 63 3 Fear Of A Blank Planet by MissSouls Fear Of A Blank Planet :iconmisssouls:MissSouls 157 58
a lament of the Inspired
a lament of the Inspired
In the unsilence of my containment –
that which limits me to airy perceptions and blind guesses
rather than what is –
I reflect (as a silver-skinned puddle would)
on the unvarying truth that I desire much
but deserve little.
As the earth spins
its unbreakable threads of voided time,
immune to the tampering of Fate’s malicious claws,
I exist in restriction,
weighed down endlessly by ignorance,
ignorance and error.
I inwardly respire…
For one revolution of Time’s wheel
I defy restriction.
I sense nothing – overwhelmed,
blinded by the brilliance of the Unbounded.
For one knot in the ethereal thread,
a single forgotten thought in time’s vast consciousness,
I reach: bodiless, mindless, soulless, and
in a brief, elusive dream,
I grasp the universe.
In the rebirth of my confinement –
the mysterious double helix to which I owe fully
my unrefined and primitive existence –
I struggle vainly to capture (a
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 6 2
Make Believe
God and the Devil
are playing Russian Roulette
inside my head
and sometimes I wonder
if the gun is even loaded.
:icontheemptychest:TheEmptyChest 29 12
It is 9 in the afternoon
& I have forgotten
how to write in poetics-
tongue kissed & gaping like
a siren missing from her sea.
I have been coughing up black
for days.  Unable to clean the taste
from my mouth, these broken
typewriter keys sewn into my
fingertips scream something fierce.
They ache with longing
to tell of a story
that left them
for a better high
years ago
a story that never deserved
to make a home under the skin,
to crawl breech through an
unsuspecting womb.
-& out through the wrists
of young girls much too ripe
to fall from their beds.
I am so damn tired
of looking over railings
& wondering what
it would feel like
to fall.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 228 42
boys with bird names cant actually fly.
i fill my lungs with blackberries
& nicotine because it is the only way
I can stomach the taste.
a phoenix told me once
that he could teach me
how to burn properly,
as if scolding
had preferences
[ like the intercostal
 spaces of a ribcaged
 embrace.              ]
he fell in love
with my words
before he knew
the height of my
or the annoying
sound of my laugh.
he said he could count
all my scars on one hand-
even the ones that wake me
at 3 am with an itch i swear
begs me to rip them open
& i told him he could keep
his pretty words and fiery fingers
creatively away from me.
i am tired of smelling of hell
& ash when -
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 230 48
Universe Girl
fell in love
with Pluto
while he was
still a planet;
she could only manage
to fall in love
with shooting stars
in the glare of your eyes.
what more could you truly ask
from a universe girl?
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 398 37
It's okay to be imperfect
The moon
has craters
and look
how bright
it shines,
even in
the darkest
of times.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 414 182


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